Monday, November 18, 2013

This could have been written by one of us!

FYI: Irwin just sent the link to this article to me. "Facebook Has Transformed My Students' Writing--for the Better," CLICK HERE.
Aside from providing interesting grist for our mill as we write up our students' connecting activity on FB (and Irwin has been using it all year...), it also occurs to me that this article could have just as easily been written by one of us--any of us--as we describe and evaluate the activities, the participation, and the connections Community 2.0 has fostered this year. 


  1. Thanks for this article... is there any thing out there with the title... "X has transformed my Students Reading--for the Better". This semester one of my main concerns has been how reading skill is affecting my students performance in their Stats course.

  2. Ah! Actually, Milena, there is a bit of research of the effects of Web 2.0 on literacy skills--both reading *and* writing, since the activities of posting/commenting/responding, etc. effectively conflate the role of reader/writer. The challenge is to then turn that heightened role of a "reader" to static texts (read-mode only).
    Let's discuss!