Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What had happened was...

Professor Kurzyna and I are working on a political campaign against Dystopian futures with my CSE 099 and his CSE 110 (Literacy and Propaganda). During our fist connection it was clear from the beginning that I would have to assist Prof. Kurzyna with the platform portion of our activity. I set up his blogger page for him, which was similar to my classes blog. We each provided descriptions of the other classes novel, his "1984" and my "Fahrenheit 451" to our own classes blog. Their task was to post the similarities and/or differences in terms of the plot and them(s) of the novels. Students were then asked to post responses to the other classes posts. The students seem to enjoy posting and viewing their posts online. However, the task seemed to become more tedious when asked to comment on each others posts.

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